About Us

We want to inspire trust in people while they adventure through life and enhance their sense of safety during life’s critical moments by delivering highly dependable tools.
DTL’s products come about as a practical response to real life situations.  The introduction of the FIDUS multi-tool came about through our personal experience during Hurricane Harvey. We saw an urgent need to offer a high quality product with safety features and everyday practicality.  When you combine passion for outdoor adventure, 20 plus years of engineering and a high respect for precision quality, you get an exceptional product that will deliver when the time is right.
We strive to craft heirloom quality products, and collaborate in their creation with the brilliant minds at our  parent company, Engineering Cad Services in Houston, Texas.


Pulled together because of a passion for the outdoor adventure, here’s a bit more about us!

Robert Beaudette


Robert has over 20 years of experience in product design and manufacturing processes. He has served in
many industries across the USA and has built a respectable network of machine sources and capacity.
Robert’s passions include creative problem solving with today’s modern technology and enjoys nature’s
grand beauty as an active rock climber.

Robyn Watts

Client Care

Robyn is a caring nurturer and has an affinity for loving animals. One of Robyn’s favorite quotes is; “It’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.” She is often found at the office with her K9 side kick Ember.

Cara Johnston


Cara was an early contributor with the startup and success with DTL Tactical and continues to bring
unique insight and talent to our ever growing team. If there is a problem she can solve it. She often
graces the office with her K9 side kick Poppy.


We are fortunate to have partnerships with Engineering CAD Services who provide engineering and design support and industry insight.


DTL Tactical was created to combine the 20 plus years of engineering and manufacturing experience of Founder & CEO, Robert Beaudette, with his passion for adventuring outdoors. DTL’s products come about as a practical response to real life situations and are created by the brilliant minds at the parent company, Engineering Cad Services in Houston, Texas.

DTL Tactical began designing and manufacturing camera mounts and protective lenses for the Airsoft gaming industry in 2017. Suppling some of the largest domestic ecommerce retailers in the USA.

After success in the Airsoft arena DTL moved to expand into a broader market. The EDC “Every day carry” and multi-tool product families were a good fit for our capacity and passions.

The first product we designed was the Fidus (Latin for loyal, trusting). It’s an EDC multi-tool of exceptional quality.


DTL Tactical supports the Operation USA, which is a 4-star charity on Charity Navigator.  When you give to Operation USA you can feel confident that your donation will get to where it’s needed most.  Their focus is on disaster relief and development projects to help children and families thrive in the wake of disasters. They are 100% privately funded, so our united support is critical to their success.  Some of their current projects include Haiti programs, relief for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as Mexico’s earthquake and California wildfire recovery.  They are an international organization providing anything from delivering hospitals in Cambodia with medical equipment to personal protective gear to health workers in West Africa.

When you invest in your safety through our products, you’re also providing the ability to create a safer environment for the future of families affected by natural disasters.

To learn more about Operation USA click here.